“SassC’ Soliel Shakoor…..The Essence of SassC’!…aka; SassC’frass!”

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Welcome to my “blog-lounge!” 

Many people ask me about my name and assume their own ideologies.  So,…I’ll take a moment to address that inquiry. 

Intrinsically, I am an eclectic woman…diversified in talent, can be salacious, and “sassy” to my core.

SassC’ is re-verbed for a name given to me by my grandmother, MiMi.  Being a military brat and living abroad I spent as much time with “granny” whenever my family and I were stateside.  Oh, how I miss her! 😦  In essence, I inherited many of her characteristics.  Perhaps this my be the reason[s] why she never spanked me…a mirror of herself, reflectively, and she spoiled me “ripe”.

Nevertheless, I knew when she called me “Sassy”, emphatically, that was indicative that she was distraught with my “sassiness” …[mouth], and those episodes compelled the attentiveness of my father.  I must have been born with the gift of “articulation”…if you will.  Anyway,  MiMi very seldom reported most of my rambuctious behavior, but when she did, eh,  my father, with his cool but stearn persona would line me up like a toy soldier…”Madame, [and that was worst than being called sassy…more like facing a firing squad], your grandmother has told me that you were a bit sassy today”, whereof, he would either give me a severe reprimand or pop me on my behind; depending upon the severity of my antics.

Eh, I loathed that name as a child because it meant that I was in trouble.

Fast forward into my future…

“Pamela” is a very common name.  While attending my first year in college, [moons ago] there were more than five or six of us with that name in class, and several of us would raise our hand for answers to discussion questions.  It was during an economics lecture that Mrs. Patilla stopped the progression of her lecture and asked, “each of you with the name Pamela, stand and give me a nickname.”  Simultaneously, she beamed right at me and said ‘everyone but you, Missy.”  I thought…WTF!  After each nickname submission, she looked to me and said these wrods, “I have the perfect name for you…from now on I will call you [“SASSY”]!  I thought that I had entered the twilight zone!  Why would she?  How dare she call me by that name?  Of course, I rebuked that insinuation.

I approached her a few days later and told her that, “as a child I resented that name because it meant that I was in deep trouble with my granny and my Father.”  I asked, “Mrs Patilla, what possessed her to call me by that name?’  She, being tiggled by my reasons for loathing that name,”answered, “because you are one of the most brazen, smart, and articulate persons that I have taught in the years that I have been teaching…{“SASSY”}…it is your core essence!”  From that day, I have owned that name.  The only difference is, I dropped the “Y” and added the “C”…which now means…”Sassy and Convinced…SassC”. 🙂

Solieil… “the illumination of energy, or “solar: the Sun.”  My mother would say “when I see you coming, I start panting…would you be still, please!’  I have always been one in perpetual motion.  I do not sleep long hours.  I wake up before the Sun, comtemplating the agenda for my day…with praise and grateful for the privilege of living to see the rise of another sun after the dusk.  It is essential that I fill my day[s] with something productive.  I am innately gifted; with diverse talents: decorator, designer {you shall see some of my work here}.  I love gardening…it’s so lavitating to see what you can cultivate with your hands…reading; the catalysts for knowledge, other than surrounding yourself with intelligent people, and writing; an expenditure that make logistical those things that are formulated within the mind..are core favorites that keeps me energized and focused!!! 

“Soliel” ..the smile of exuberance…sunbeams from  my face”,  are  illuminations of accentuating the positive, even in the mist of turbulent times.  Those times are stepping stones to my milestones…and I know that hard times are antonyms for the good times.  Joy and pain are, truly, like sunshine and rain.  They are both, one in the same.  So, I keep a smile on my face and my “ass moving!”   “Free your mind and your Ass__ets” will follow;  is my motto.

Shakoor…is a name that I assumed from my significant other.  He is a Muslim.   Eh, no I do not wear a berka, or bow down to any man other than “God [Allah] and my Father.  I think the logistics of the name flows  and coalesces with my “core essence.”

 SassC’ Soliel Shakoor…

aka..SassC’frass! ….Sassy, Convinced,  and, Free… but the Ass is not for sale!   Unbossed and Unbought! 🙂


“YS Enterprises Diversified Global Markets…Logo”

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“Yusef and SassC Shakoor dancing around the world connecting consumer interest with global markets!”ys logo  http://www.ysenterprises.net

“SassC’ speaks her point on Anderson Cooper 360

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Sgt. James Crowley and professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. sat down with the president and vice president Thursday.

SassC Soliel Shakoor

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""Living my Life like it's Golden......truly holistic and exuberant!!!!"

“Seeking Self”…..

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“Find personal power….

The more you connect to the Power within you, the more you can be free in all areas of your life…We must be willing to release the patterns in our lives that are creating conditions we say we do not want.  We do this by going within and tapping in the Inner Power that knows what is best for us….Life is a voyage of self discovery.  To me, to be enlightened is to gfo within and to know who and what we really are, and to know that we have the ability to change for the better by loving and taking care of ourselves.      (Louise Hays)

I personally believe that the deeper we go, the more we find.  Beyond thought and emotion lies another subtle aspect of Self….our spiritual nature.  We have to ascertain and assert a nurtured balance amongst  the mental, emotional, and holistic aspects of our core essence to fully understand our behaviorism.   When our mental capabilites are deeply connected to our emotional essence, we lavitate to a higher awareness of who we are, although human cognition will never exceed human experience because life is experiential; a cyclical existence that that perpetually creates patterns of change that the mind can’t always conceptualize within the pace of living.  Therefore, all we can do is connect, deeply, with our emotional self and become more aware and realistic.

SassC’   🙂

“Altruism”…The Affirmation of Exuberance!”

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“Altruism is a source of goodness for yourself and others; medicine alleviating all troubles.  The great path traveled by the wise.  Nourishment for all who see, hear, remember, and contact it, possessing great efficacy for advancing others’ welfare.  Through it, you indirectly achieve your own fullillment.”


“SassC’s….. quote!!!” Mental Disorders…can be: Intellectual Stimulants!”

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Mentallyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LTPRJqt2z4 challenged people are brilliant within their spatial cognition.  They learn to compensate and navigate life as an adventure, and transcend difficult situations into exuberant logistical affirmations. 

I know…I am one of them!  🙂